Message from the Director

Welcome to the Integrated Materials Design Centre (IMDC) website!

In order to make significant advances towards new electronics, sustainable-energy and biomolecular / biomedical technologies, the focus on achieving a molecular-level understanding of crucial phenomena has intensified over the past two decades. So much so, that chemistry, biology, physics, medicine and engineering now collectively interface with each other at the molecular level in the search for new technologies.

In the coming decade, theory and modelling will harness massive advances in high performance computing to enable an unprecedented acceleration in discovery and development of new materials for the energy, environment, health and IT sectors.

The IMDC’s core focus is high performance materials modelling to advance materials discovery at UNSW Australia in four main programmatic areas: (i) Catalytic Materials; (ii) Energy Harvesting and Storage Materials; (iii) Electronic Materials and (iv) Soft Matter and Pharmaceutics.

The IMDC’s core philosophy is to pursue a holistic approach to the materials design cycle involving a tight collaborative exchange between the key parts of the materials discovery process: synthesis; characterization; testing and modelling. To this end, we have developed a structure that includes our core centre members who are heavily engaged in theory and modelling as well as key and valued experimental collaborators whose complementary expertise helps to instantiate this collaborative vision.

I hope the website will provide helpful information for professional colleagues as well as for interested students and researchers about the IMDC’s people, its research and the many research opportunities in this area at UNSW.


With best regards,

Sean Smith.