'Computational Pharmaceutics' book edited by Prof Smith & Dr Ouyang

Professor Sean Smith of UNSW Chemical Engineering and Dr Defang Ouyang Assistant Professor at the University of Macau are the editors of a new book called Computational Pharmaceutics: Application of Molecular Modelling in Drug Delivery, first edition published in 2015 by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Written in a clear and accessible manner, the book is suitable for a broad audience with little experience in molecular modelling making it suitable for students wishing to learn more about the application of computational modelling techniques to problems relating to pharmaceutics or for researchers already working in this field aiming to explore new research avenues.

Chapters cover:

  • Modelling of different drug delivery systems, including polymorphism predication
  • Cyclodextrins, polymeric and micellar drug delivery
  • Solid dispersions
  • Lipid bilayer and liposome
  • Protein formulations
  • Inorganic and diamond nano-particles
  • Layered double hydroxides
  • PEGylation
  • Synchrotron radiation micro computed tomography
  • Pharmacokinetic modelling