Sean Smith Joins Editorial Advisory Board of Wiley’s New Flagship Journal


In January 2018, Wiley will launch a new member to its premium Advanced brand of journals. Advanced Theory and Simulations (ATS) will be an interdisciplinary journalfocusing majorly on the development of novel modelling methods and theoretical frameworks in a broad range of fields, including:

  • materials, chemistry, condensed matter physics
  • engineering, energy
  • life science, biology, medicine
  • atmosphere, environment, climate
  • planetary science, astronomy, cosmology
  • method development, numerical methods, statistics

The aim is to present state of the art work pushing scientific boundaries in line with sister journals like Advanced Materials or Angewandte Chemie, with articles undergoing the same level of selectivity and scrutiny. A number of world-leading experts have been chosen as members of the ATS Editorial Advisory Board, including Prof. Sean Smith from UNSW, who contributes a wealth of knowledge and experience in theoretical chemistry, computational nanomaterials science and computational pharmaceutics.

The journal's homepage can be accessed here.